Giving Vets a Reason to Drive On!

An interview with Chuck Lee, our Director of Veteran Affairs

Every once in awhile someone comes along that changes your perception of the world around you and makes you want to be a better person. Charles Lee, or Chuck as he’s known to his friends, is one of those rare people. He’s a quiet man, but he speaks with a steady, sure voice. It’s this steadfast, yet passionate heart for others that led him to the military, and it led him to act as an advocate for those who get overlooked in society.

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The TUC Team Makes the Cover!

GadABout 650pxOur TUC team made the cover of March issue of The Gad-A-Bout, a monthly publication by Kentucky Colonel Ray Dickerson. Read all about Ring-Co's TUC and an introduction to Chuck Lee, our Director of Veteran Affairs.


New Features of the 2018 TUC

Last month, we introduced you to the exciting changes to Ring-Co’s tracked utility carrier (TUC) and the way the new changes will make its users’ lives safer, more versatile, and even more fun! But in true Ring-Co fashion, we wanted you to hear about the 2018 TUC directly from a member of our team.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Jarrett Waters, provides an inside look at why changes were made to the TUC and what you can expect from your TUC this year.


Ring-Co's 2018 TUC introduces new features

TUC2018 greenThe year 2017 will always be special for Ring-Co as we introduced our tracked utility carrier (TUC). It was a year of challenge, of triumph, of teamwork, and of promise. Mostly, it was rewarding. We loved being able to watch the disable veterans and the thrill-seekers of our world discover a way they could be, not simply mobile, but adventurous.


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