About TUC

iso front greenRing-Co LLC, a woman-owned business, has developed a new path for tracked chairs. The TUC (Tracked Utility Chair) is distinctly different from other chairs. Most tracked chairs have been designed to solve mobility problems for the disabled. With their decision to focus their design on utility, Ring-Co developed a utility vehicle that not only provides mobility, but can be used by anyone for work, transportation, or to just have fun.

The TUC is an all-terrain utility chair with attractive enhancements like suspension and comfortable seating, a 23hp air-cooled gasoline engine, and advanced safety features. It also boasts a 4,200 lb towing capacity, electronic information display, and patented front and rear quick-attach capability for tools like plows, trailers, and winches. So, whether your challenge is taking on the world or just a weekend project, TUC will help you get it done.

TUC video1TUC is a tool for the workforce, a toy for adventure seekers, and a path to freedom for the disabled.


What is The TUC?

The TUC is a Tracked Utility Chair, an innovative combination of a tracked wheelchair and a utility vehicle (see enclosed TUC materials). The Ring-Co team’s experience in the agricultural and automotive worlds gives them access to industry-standard equipment from renowned manufacturers.

The TUC offers several innovations:

Comfort. The TUC offers automobile-industry air-ride seating. Our engineers designed in-track suspension for relaxation and stability.

Range and Power. Current tracked chair owners/users complained that the battery life was far too short for outdoor excursions. The TUC answered with a 23hp air-cooled gasoline engine, which provides greater speed (up to 7 mph), power and longer ride time (up to 40 miles @ 2500 RPM).

Safety. ATVs may be considered indirect competition, but an OSHA bulletin states that ATV roll-over (overturning) is one of the leading incidents that result in fatalities and account for 46 percent of occupational injuries and fatalities. As a result of that market research, TUC designers included ROPS (Roll Over Protection System), seatbelts, and automatic shut-off (operator presence detection) for additional safety.

Additional Attributes. The use of hydraulics allows for smoother take-off and stopping, and in future generations, power implements. The TUC also includes industry-proven controls, display, switches, and electronic components (see TUC Specifications). The TUC is designed to ADA specifications. The TUC represents an entirely new segment of the tracked chair market by adding the utility element. This makes the chair a vehicle for work and recreation. As a utility vehicle, the TUC is designed with 2” hitch receptacles in the front and rear for the utilization of our patented Quick Attach system for tools such as plows, brooms, sprayers, and winches, trailers, etc., and has a 4,200lb towing capacity. See TUC Attachments.