Who we are.
Ring-Co is a woman-owned LLC. Co-founders of the company include Tricia Ringer – CEO and Chad Ringer – President. In addition to business development, Tricia's various current responsibilities include administration, finances, funding acquisition, and patent writing. Chad’s past experience includes being an early team member of an agricultural sprayer company. During his time with the company, it grew from a startup to a multi-million-dollar player. He spent 17 years in the industry, with roles from fabrication to Director of Engineering.

Why we do what we do.
Our experienced team is comprised of passionate people who are committed to designing and manufacturing products that are intentionally innovative. Ring-Co is built on relationships and focused on developing people to their fullest potential. We believe that excellence in product design and manufacturing leads to increased efficiency for the end user. That excellence begins with a firm foundation — a team that exemplifies servant leadership. (Galatians 5:13)

Our business philosophy

  • Build a foundation of integrity, honesty, and transparency.
  • Leverage our experience in innovative design and manufacturing.
  • Build healthy relationships with our influential contacts in traditional and emerging markets.
  • Maintain excellent rapport with our vendors and suppliers.
  • Generate insight into product-specific industries and their potential.
  • Establish of a new standard for excellence and efficiency.
  • Secure a trust-driven relationship with our customers.

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Ring-co certifications



  • Trustee Teaching Award
  • Product of the Year (3 Years in a Row)
  • Innovation of the Year Award
  • 15 Issued Patents
  • 21 Patents Pending
  • 4 Provisional Patents
  • 4 Design Patents